ODT to MD Converter

Command-line application converting ODT format to Markdown.



Available at GitHub.

Used Technologies

  • C++
  • Boost
  • CMake

Implementation Details and Challenges


The project uses CMake build system to prepare build for different platforms (e.g. makefiles for Linux or Visual Studio for Windows)

OpenDocument Format

The converter supports more features of the format. In the ODT files, it can recognize (and convert to corresponding Markdown syntax):

  • Paragraph, List and Character styles
  • Headings and references to them
  • multi-level lists

References Support

The tool supports the GitHub Flavored Markdown usable e.g. for README files in the GitHub repositories. GitHub, when rendering such Markdown, supports references to headings in the document.

I observed how GitHub transforms the heading text to the reference name and made sure that even headings with very special characters can be referenced (in fact the included utf8 library is there only for this functionality - I needed to extract exact code points from the text).